Using Nara Palace Site Historical Park

Precautions and requests when visiting the park

Please observe the following rules while visiting the park:

  • In order to protect the park’s natural environment, it is prohibited to remove plants, insects, or other animals from the park.
  • Please do not damage or collect plants.
  • Please do not catch animals.
  • Never approach dangerous animals such as pit vipers or hornets.
  • It is prohibited to use fire, for example by making an open fire or setting off firecrackers.
  • Please contact the Park Office (0744-54-2441) in the event of an accident or other problem.
  • Please follow the instructions of park personnel.

Please do not bring the following items into the park:

  • Firearms or swords (including model guns, wooden swords, bamboo swords, etc.)
  • Fire-related materials (firecrackers, gunpowder, or flammable gas [except lighters])
  • Baseball equipment (unless made of PVC)
  • Golf equipment
  • Bottles
  • Roller skates, skateboards, etc.
  • Model airplanes or engine-powered models (including drones)
  • Boomerangs, bows and arrows, pachinko equipment
  • Large tents or beach umbrellas
  • Karaoke or other audio equipment
  • Other objects that would interfere with other visitors’ ability to use park facilities

Please do not engage in the following prohibited conduct in the park:

  • Damaging or soiling the park (including facilities located there)
  • Picking or collecting plants
  • Capturing, killing, or injuring animals
  • Collecting or piling up dirt or rocks or otherwise changing the natural topography of the park
  • Using fire, for example by making a fire, using a gas- or oil-fueled cooking burner, or setting off firecrackers
  • Entering prohibited areas or driving a vehicle outside of areas where use of vehicles is explicitly allowed
  • Riding a unicycle, skateboard, etc.
  • Smoking in locations where no ashtray is provided
  • Making noise in a way that clearly detracts from other visitors’ ability to enjoy the park
  • Interfering with other visitors’ safety or their ability to make use of park facilities
  • Displaying advertisements